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Announcements - August 27-September 2, 2023


1. 28th August, The memorial of St. Augustine.

29th August, The Passion of St. John the Baptist.

2. The Novena in preparation for the Birthday of our Mother Mary will begin from Wednesday 30th August, 2023. All the children are expected to attend the Novena Mass daily at 7.00 pm. After the Mass, the children will have different activities in the school quadrangle for half an hour. Parishioners are encouraged to bring the love offerings daily, which will be shared with the needy. The love offering list is shared on Parish Pastoral Council group and has been put up on the parish notice board.

3. The Sunday School Children will have PSALM RECITATION COMPETITION tomorrow/today from 8.15 am to 9.15 am in the school basement. Parents can attend the competition and cheer our children.

4. The Senior Citizens of our parish are invited to attend a special Eucharistic Celebration at the Basilica of Mount Mary, Bandra, on Monday 11th September 2023 at 11.30am. A bus has been organised from our church to the Basilica of Mount Mary’s, Bandra and back. Charges are Rs.150/- per person. Senior Citizens are requested to register their names at the Book Stall. Last date for registration is 3rd September, 2023. Limited seats are available. Booking will be on first come first serve basis.

5. Parish Pastoral Council meeting will be held on Sunday, 3rd September, 2023. All members are requested to attend.

6. There will be no half an hour Eucharistic adoration on Friday, 1st September due to novena of the Nativity of our Lady.

7. The Parish fathers thank you for the following collections:- Last Sunday ..… Rs. 37,087.00 S.V.P..………….. .Rs. 13,675.00


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