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Novena Prayer in Honour St Thomas

O, St Thomas, our Patron and Apostle of India,

you travelled to our land to fill the Indian hearts with faith in Jesus Christ

and supported your preaching by your martyrdom.

Yet, to believe in the Risen Saviour,

you demanded to touch and feel him first, saying,

"Unless I see and touch, I will not believe."

And when you made that great profession of faith -

"My Lord and My God”

you evoked from Jesus a blessing for all of us,

for he said, "Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe."

We, the parish community under your patronage

have gathered here in faith,

for we too acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and our God.

We ask you to intercede for us with Jesus to grant us divine blessings.

(kindly make your petition)

If what we ask is not for us, grant us courage and deep faith to accept God's will in all things.

May our prayer always be,

"Lord, increase our faith !”


Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be.

St Thomas, Our Patron and Apostle of India ... Pray for us.


St. Thomas Apostle of Jesus Christ,

We choose you as our friend and guide,

You who knew the anguish of doubt,

dispel the doubts from our hearts.

When Jesus had shown the wound in his side,

in humble faith, with joy you cried

My Lord and My God My Lord and My God

You are my Saviour my all.

This word did Jesus say unto you

Thomas, truly blessed are you

when you believe though eye can not see,

that I have risen indeed.

St. Thomas, hear our plea now we pray,

obtain for us a lively faith,

the faith to believe what Jesus did say

"Behold I'm with you always."


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