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 Parish Associations 

Associations are an important asset to the parish since they play a significant role in fostering lay involvement in pastoral matters. In the words of the late Pope John Paul II, "It is the responsibility of the pastors to guide, accompany and encourage these groups so that they may be well integrated into the life and mission of the parish". (Novo Millennio Ineunte)

Keeping the words of the late Holy Father in mind, our parish has several Associations and Cells. These groups have their meetings (monthly/weekly) under the guidance of a Spiritual Advisor, who is generally one of the priests of the parish. Since 2009, our parish has formed a Council of Associations which meets regularly to facilitate effective networking among the various Associations/Cells.

 Parish Pastoral Council 

Fr. Nelson Saldanha (Parish Priest)


Mr. Ashwin Rodricks (BCS)


Ms. Loretta Silveira

SCC Project Coordinator

Fr. Joseph Gonsalves (in Residence)

Ex Officio

Sr. Evelyn Menezes

Ex Officio

Mr. Daryl Gonsalves

Jayprakash Nagar

Mr. Dominic David

Church Colony

Mr. Steve Correia

Chincholi Village

Ms. Jyothi Lobo

Sunder Nagar

Mr. Willson Chettiar

Jawahar Nagar

Mr. Paul Joseph


Ms. Jennifer John

Pandurang Wadi

Ms. Patricia Farrow

St. Vincent De Paul - SVP

Mr. Arun Sequeira

Media Cell

Mr. Francis Barboza

Vice President

Ms. Rani Joseph (Govind Nagar)

Joint Secretary

Fr. Leslie Almeida (Assistant Priest)

Ex Officio

Sr. Esther Anthony

Ex Officio

Ms. Lily Bhanushali

Shreyas Colony

Ms. Karen Gonsalves


Mr. Pushparaj Shetty


Mr. Elias Fernandes

Chincholi Bunder

Mr. Quinton Pereira

Station Road

Mr. Gia Pereira

Vishweshwar Nagar

Ms. Saira Homen

Mahindra Nagar

Ms. Manita Gonsalves

Piramal Nagar

Mr. Dean Pereira


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