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SCC Rally 2022

The SCC Rally was planned on the day of the feast of Christ the King, November 20, 2022. After spending the day in prayer with our Lord Jesus, our King and prince of life, we were further filled spiritually by the theme of the evening, “LED BY THE SPIRIT” – SCC Rally 2022. We began with all communities coming in wearing different colours delegated to them, which made the evening look very colourful.

At the beginning of the Rally, we had a grand entry of all the SCC coordinators along with the parish fathers, Chief guests, and other dignitaries.

Moving on further we had the lighting of the samaya by all the dignitaries followed by the opening prayer by Fr. Leslie. Since it was the 38th year of the SCC in our parish since its inception, 38 colourful balloons were released by Fr. Nelson and our Chief Guest Mr. Thomas Lobo to declare the SCC Rally open. The compere then took us through the entire evening with communities parading with different colour flags, clothes, or props. The highlight of the evening was the one-act skits put up by the communities based on the crises of the present time and the fruits of the Holy Spirit to combat the crises. All the communities put in their best to bring out the message which was seen on stage by the involvement of both the young and the old. There was a presentation about the SCC talking about the past and the present, followed by yummy snacks for all. Feeling blessed and truly led by the spirit the evening ended with a short prayer by Fr. Joseph Gonsalves.


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