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Best out of Waste: An Independence Day Activity

The Bombay Catholic Sabha's recent Independence Day activity, aptly named "Best out of Waste," proved to be a delightful and creative endeavour for the 79 participating Sunday school children. This innovative event, designed to commemorate the nation's freedom while promoting sustainability, showcased the children's artistic talents and their commitment to environmental consciousness.

The activity encouraged children to transform discarded materials into valuable items through their imagination and resourcefulness. The young participants took to the challenge with remarkable zeal, utilizing items such as plastic bottles, old newspapers, and cardboard to craft an array of impressive artworks. The children's creations demonstrated not only their creativity but also their dedication to reusing and repurposing materials.

Beyond the artistic accomplishments, the event fostered a sense of camaraderie and unity among the Sunday school children. The atmosphere was vibrant with laughter, as the children thoroughly enjoyed the process of turning waste into something beautiful and meaningful. We thank Fr Leslie Almeida, the Sunday school teachers and the parents for encouraging the children to participate in this event.


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