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Visit of Blessed Carlo Acutis

The Statue of Blessed Carlo Acutis in our Church

“The Eucharist is my highway to heaven”

The St. Thomas Church, Goregaon East were privileged to have the presence of the relic and statue of the dearest Blessed Carlo Acutis at their parish. A great model of holiness amongst us in this digital age.

“The witness of Blessed Carlo Acutis indicates to today’s young people that true happiness is found in putting God in the first place and serving Him in our brothers and sisters especially the least (among us)” -Pope Francis

On 29th November 2022, the Relic and statue of Blessed Carlo Acutis were welcomed by St. Thomas Parish, Goregaon East. All the parishioners gathered as one family in red colour attire as a symbol of Carlo’s aura at Rosary Church, Goregaon West. The relic was received by Fr. Nelson at the very altar of Rosary Church. The youth moved the statue to the tempo, followed by a bike ride parade in a quiet procession headed to St. Thomas School. The locals/passerby were surprised to witness such a young saint’s procession. Our dear Carlos was the centre of attraction on the go allowing others to learn about His great devotion towards Jesus Christ. As soon as the statue arrived at school, all the other parishioners were eagerly waiting to welcome and venerate it. Fr. Nelson, Fr. Leslie, and Fr. Joseph along with the parishioners initiated a silent procession from the school to the church. The procession was followed by a beautiful opening prayer by Fr. Nelson, a meaningful prayer service and a presentation and video about the life journey of Blessed Carlo Acutis.

Blessed Carlo Acutis, was an Italian teenager who used technology to spread devotion to the Eucharist before his death at the age of 15 from leukemia in 2006. He offered his sufferings for the Church and for the Holy Father. He was beatified in 2020 and is one of the intercessors for the National Eucharistic Revival. This all was displayed at every prayer service that took place during these three days. His way of living indeed touched many hearts, remembering him as a real role model for young people. By 6.30 pm a rosary was recited by the youth, again following his words saying, ”The Virgin Mary is the only woman in my life” and that the Rosary is the shortest ladder to climb to heaven and the most powerful weapon after the Eucharist to fight the devil. Regular mass was celebrated after the Rosary followed by a presentation and prayer service conducted by the youth. Veneration was allowed at the end of the day.


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