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St Francis Xavier Feast Celebration

St Francis Xavier Feast this year too was celebrated in a solemn Eucharist at 7pm by our Parish Priest,

Fr. Nelson Saldanha in Konkani on 3rd December. The parishioners were in true festive spirit to give

praise and glory to God for the gift of St. Francis Xavier, fondly called Goencho Saib to our country

India and the patron of our Archdiocese. Everyone participated in the Eucharist in the true spirit of

devotion and fervour. The choir with their melodious singing through a perfect blend of voices

helped the faithful lift their hearts in perfect prayer to the Almighty Lord through the intercession of

St. Francis Xavier. Fr. Nelson presented in short the life of St. Francis Xavier and challenged the

congregation to follow in his footsteps. Thanks to all our parishioners who made it possible to attend

this konkani mass in large numbers. After mass mostly all present were treated to a piece of cake

and those registered moved to the school quadrangle to join in the festivities. All present were

served cake and wine and joined in the feast March, followed by a group game and spot prizes.

having snacks in between. Everyone as best as they could participated in the dance session that

followed to some well played Konkani numbers. After the vote of thanks and words of appreciation

by our Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Saldanha all present joined in the truly festive dinner carrying home

memories of an evening well spent. We received a good response to the sale of sannas and mouth

watering sorpotel.


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