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Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

A Christmas celebration is not complete without playing and singing of Christmas carols. Our community Carol singing was conducted on 16th December at around eight in the evening. Many elders, arents along with their children and grandchildren came together to celebrate the festive spirit.  We went carolling to the different societies in our community thus spreading the Christmas and holiday cheer to all.

In the heart of our tightly knit community a spectacular Christmas crib has emerged as a symbol of unity and creativity crafted by an unlikely collaboration of teenagers, young mothers and elders.

What started as a simple idea became a testament to the power of inter-generational co-operation.

Under the guidance of experienced individuals and the youthful enthusiasm of teenagers the scene came to life.

The teens brought modern flair to the traditional crib, while mothers added delicate touches infusing warmth and love. Elders with their “time honored” wisdom, supervised and shared stories of Christmases past. The result is a mesmerizing display, that not only captures the essence of the season but also showcases the richness of our community spirit. Every detail of the carefully chosen materials reflects a shared commitment.

to preserving traditions and fostering connections. As visitors admire this unique creation, they can feel the collective pride of a community that comes together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: - “Born to love and transform the world“.

- Lorraine Sequeira

Vishweshwar Nagar


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