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Journeying Late Nights TO Melodious Heights

The St. Paul's Bandra carol singing choir competition recently witnessed the remarkable journey of our nine dedicated choir members - Valerian, Simran, Nicole, Melzina, Valencia, Clare, Merrick and Sohan led by Ginelle. They displayed unwavering commitment and passion through their hard work and persistence during the elimination round held on Monday, December 18, 2023 which resulted in them making it to the top five out of the 17 competing teams from across Mumbai. This further culminated in a commendable achievement as they clinched the prestigious second prize in the finals on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. What made their success truly exceptional was their sheer determination, driven by a shared love for music which reflected in their relentless efforts every single day during each practice session. Their commitment knew no bounds, evident in their routine of staying back late almost every day, striving for perfection in their harmonies and melodies. The competition at St. Paul's Bandra became a stage for their synchronized voices and cohesive performance. The second-place victory stood as a testament to their resilience, talent and tireless dedication. Their triumph didn't just signify an accolade but embodied the spirit of teamwork, determination and relentless pursuit of excellence. Well done “Thomasian Voices”!

- Ginelle Gracias


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