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Field Trip Report Visit to Shishu Bhavan

On 2nd October 23, a group of approximately 80 Sunday school students from KG to Std 10th, accompanied by 11 teachers and Fr. Leslie Almeida, embarked on an enriching and compassionate journey to Shishu Bhavan, a home for specially-abled children in Vile Parle. This field trip was organised by the Sunday school as part of our ongoing efforts to instil the values of empathy, kindness and community service in our young learners. Once we reached St. Francis Xavier Church, Vile Parle, Fr. Leslie explained to us about the church, the children of Shishu Bhavan and a few interesting facts about Mother Teresa, and also about Missionaries of Charity sisters. We were warmly welcomed by the sisters and staff, and the atmosphere was filled with positivity. The Sunday school students had brought some love offerings for the children. The smiles on their faces instantly melted our hearts, setting the tone for an unforgettable day. Our Sunday school students were so touched when they saw the children that they were filled with tears and got very emotional. Our students had the opportunity to interact with the children as they played, sang songs and danced to entertain them, breaking down barriers and forming genuine connections. It was heartening to witness the bond that formed in such a short time. At the end Sister shared a few words with our students saying, "We are all special in each way, because we have been created by God…so be happy with whatever we have and be grateful to God.”

The visit to Shishu Bhavan left a profound impact on our Sunday school students. It was a valuable learning experience that not only exposed them to the challenges faced by specially-abled individuals but also taught them the importance of love, compassion, caring and making a positive difference in the lives of others. It also allowed our students to connect with the wider community, learn valuable life lessons, and develop a deeper sense of empathy. We look forward to future opportunities for such enriching experiences.

Thank you for your support in organising this field trip and for nurturing the values of love, care, and service in our Sunday School community.

- Miss: Christina .T.Nadar

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