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Family Cell Interacts with the Couples of Vishweshwar Nagar

The Family Cell had a fruitful and enriching interaction with couples of Vishweshwar Nagar on 26th January, 2024. The discussion was initiated by presenting a real-life situation. The members tried to identify themselves with the couple in the case story and together with the Family Cell couples they expressed at length the strengths and shortcomings in their married life. The couples present ranged from 45 to 17 years of marriage.

In most marital relationships it was felt that the male spouse often due to indifference does not get himself involved in the household chores and the wife is left to manage the responsibilities of work and family too. The male partner often feels that the wife generally looks for perfection in all situations. But the senior couples felt that there was a lot of understanding and sharing of responsibilities in the home. Very often we fail to understand our spouses and for that communication is a very important requirement. All the couples felt that acceptance of their shortcomings and the willingness to say SORRY is something that is very difficult…. A THANK YOU may come easily.

In all couple relationships it was felt that though they may not be so spiritually inclined they found that God was the backbone of their relationship and kept them going inspite of all odds. All couples recognized and accepted the fact that without God their marriage would be incomplete.

In conclusion the session provided a platform for couples of varying years of marriage to express the ups and downs of their marital relationship and to learn from the shared experiences of one another.


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