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Celebration of World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is lovely and memorable. They are the ones who become our best friends, right from bedtime stories to protecting us from our parents' reprimands, irrespective of our faults.

The day not only recognizes their contribution to our lives but also creates social awareness amongst the younger generations. It is also a lesson for the children and grandchildren that if you show respect to your grandparents, the same love, care, and respect will be returned to you when you become old.

The youth of our St Jude's community, Pandurangwadi also saw this day as a great opportunity to bring together our grandparents and elderly and let them know that they are a treasured part of our lives. We celebrated World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly on July 23, 2023. Fr. Joseph Gonsalves graced the evening with his presence. Our youth; Nicole, Myron and Jayden put their hearts, minds, and souls together to create a musical, fun-filled evening of fellowship.

The evening started with a prayer service, followed by a trip down memory lane as the grandparents and elderly shared their experiences and memories of their childhood and youth. Our children then sang, " You raise me up" and everyone joined in. This was followed by a "Spot the Song" game which brought out the singers within them and they all laughed, clapped, and tuned themselves to the retro hits. Towards the end, the all-time favourite Housie was played and all the winners won lovely prizes.

All our lovely elderly members were handed a beautiful handwritten note by our youth as a token of our love.

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