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Breaking Bread, Building Bridges

A Day of Sharing and Connection

On February 18th, 2024, ten community members from Pandurang Wadi, Peru Baug, and

Vishweshwar Nagar embarked on a unique journey of service and connection at Canossa Convent in

Mahakali Caves. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between fortunate and underprivileged

individuals, fostering understanding, and compassion and uplifting lives through simple acts of

kindness during this season of Lent.

Sr. Neeta welcomed us warmly and gave us an informative briefing on Jeevan Vikas Kendra's work

with marginalized and underprivileged people. Each of us was then paired with a family from the

area. Despite their hardships, these families welcomed us into their homes with open arms and

genuine smiles. We engaged in heartfelt conversations, sharing stories and experiences, and quickly

overcame any initial awkwardness.

Our time with these families flew by, filled with laughter and meaningful interactions. Witnessing

the positivity and hope radiating from the beneficiaries despite daily challenges was a powerful

reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Before leaving, we partook in a simple

lunch prepared by the families', and we offered fruits and sweets as tokens of appreciation and

prayed with them for their well-being.

Back at the convent, the participants shared their reflections on the experience. They were deeply

moved by the generosity and resilience of the families, realizing how often they took their blessings

for granted. Witnessing the families' positivity despite hardship instilled in them a renewed sense of

gratitude and a desire to reach out to those in need.

Each participant returned home with an enriched heart, memories, and a renewed commitment to

extending a helping hand. The warmth and openness displayed by the families opened doors not just

to homes, but to understanding, empathy, and a deeper appreciation for the human spirit.


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