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Piramal Nagar - Get Together

St. Francis Xavier Unit Gets Together to celebrate as one family

Nothing strengthens the bond than a get-together with your loved ones, which is vital for our unit growth. The St. Francis Xavier Unit (Piramal Nagar) had a fun-filled get-together on 10th December at the St. Thomas School Basement.

We believe that being together and celebrating as a unit pours blessings upon those present, and the gathering is also a natural witness of God’s goodness in our unit.

The get-together was full of fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy, which included music, snacks, games, spot prizes, bingo, lunch, etc. This get-together was reviving and refreshing where all present, from children to senior citizens, and even our Parish Priests actively participated to make this day a memorable and grand affair.

The busy world today pulls our attention left and right and a wonderful unit get-together helps each one of us as members of the unit to strengthen our bonds, refresh our memories, stay focused, and encourages us to plan for more activities for our unit.

We thank all members present for making this day a grand success. We hope to see more members join us for our upcoming activities.

- Valerie Dsilva

Piramal Nagar Unit


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