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 Bible Quiz - November 2023 

The quiz this month is from the book of Ezra. Kindly refer to the New Revised  Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible for the answers to the questions below. The answers are limited to a maximum of three to four words.

The book of Ezra (NRSV Edition)

1. Who brought all of the temple articles from Babylonia to Jerusalem?

Ans: Ezra 1:5-10

2. Who was given money to begin restoring the temple in verse seven? 

Ans: Ezra 3:5-8

3. What was the youngest age of the Levites overseeing the work of the house of the Lord?

Ans: Ezra 3:8-10?

4. Why did the people of the land bribe the officials?

Ans: Ezra 4: 1- 5

5. What was Shimshai's job?

Ans: Ezra 4:6-10

6. Who was the governor of the province Beyond the River?

Ans: Ezra 5:1 -5

7. Who was Obadiah's father?

Ans: Ezra 8:1-14

8. Who was the son of the chief priest Aaron?

Ans: Ezra 7:1 -6

9.  Some of the people of Israel came to Jerusalem in which month?

Ans: Ezra 7:7-10

10. What is the last word in the book of Ezra?

Ans: Ezra 10

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