St. Pius Convent

St. Pius Convent

St. Pius Convent

St Pius Convent Community comprises: Sr Norma Fernandes (Superior), Sr Balbina Carvalho (Assistant), Sr Dolly Rose D’Souza (Headmistress), Srs Carmeline Menezes, Conception Machado, Pamela Ferreira, Agnes D’Mello, Angeline Ferreira and Margaret D’Souza.

Our community is happy and healthy. We follow a simple lifestyle in food and clothing, simplicity, hidden life and joyful service are still regarded as the hallmark of our sisters. Forgiveness, trust and sisterly love prevail in our Community. On any occasion occasion or for any work or to face any problem or crisis, all the Sisters come together to show solidarity. The spirit of give and take is always seen among the members. We have a good team spirit and though our community includes mainly senior citizens, each one does her best to make a contribution. We have regular community meetings, where we get the opportunity to explore ourselves and be at home with every one. No doubt we have our ups and downs but in spite of all this there is fellowship in the community.

Everyday we have table recreation, and on special occasions like birthdays, feast days and any other holidays we organize sing-songs games, music and even dancing. We do have our outings and picnics which help us to refresh ourselves in mind and body. The spiritual life of the community is well balanced and each member has a desire to be a person of prayer. The Eucharist and an hour of silent Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament has been a source of strength and nourishment to our sisters. Spirituality is spirit in reality and not a stifling structured life. On Saturdays and Sundays, the sisters are left free to have time for themselves or visit families, etc.

The generosity and commitment of our sisters with regard to the apostolate is remarkable. Our dedicated and committed service stands out, giving us a distinct identity as Poor Sisters of Our Lady. Our sisters render services at St Pius Seminary. Srs Angeline and Margaret are in charge of the Kitchen department. Sr Agnes gives her generous services to the Seminary chapel and sacristy. The spirit of dedication and hard work of our sisters is very much appreciated by the seminarians and the staff. They work in cooperation and collaboration.

Sr Dolly Rose D’Souza is the Headmistress of St Thomas Academy, Goregaon West. Sr Dolly’s self-sacrificing services to the students, teachers, parents and staff are well acknowledged.

Some of the Sisters are also very privileged to work in the parish under the guidance of a vibrant team consisting of Frs Henry D’Souza, Joe D’Mello and Denzil Correia. The sisters are involved in parish activities, training the first communicants and getting involved with the SCCs where Sr Dolly animates one of the zones and the other sisters visit the families. In the parish our sisters feel very much wanted and appreciated for their dedicated services.

In conclusion, I would say that our journey is filled with shades of varying emotions. Sometimes we are exhausted and worn-out and weary. At other times we are filled with enthusiasm and eagerness excited with possibilities for growth and happiness. However, in the midst of all this, we are blessed with deep contentment and peace of heart, full of gratitude and joy for the wonderful moments we experience in the community.