Message from Parish Priest

My dear Parishioners,

In response to Cardinal Oswald’s Circular and as advised by Police authorities, all are earnestly urged to observe the precautionary and preventive measures of social distancing in force at present. Gathering in large numbers and in close proximity should be avoided. Please Do Not panic but proper proactive and wise steps seem urgently needed.
As per Archbishop’s statement, with immediate effect till Palm Sunday, cell and association meetings, missions, Way of the Cross will NOT be held in the Church. Please continue all devout Lenten devotions at home. Cancel or postpone Assn or Sector bus pilgrimages and Passo services.

With regard to masses in the Church, the faithful are exempt from Sunday obligations. We have to ristrict the number to not more then 50 at a time. Hence, avoild coming to church and pray at home. May God bless us, and may Mary our mother protect us all.

Fr. Constancio Noronha.
Parish Priest.

Watch on you tube : Message from his Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias