St. Thomas Feast 2011

St Thomas Feast 2011

The feast of St. Thomas our patron was celebrated on 3rd July, 2011. The parish was buzzing with activity right from 30th June when we began the Triduum in preparation for the feast. Guest priests Fr. Paul, Fr. Daniel and Fr. Vijay were invited to celebrate the Eucharist and break the word of God. A good number of parishioners made it for the Triduum.

On Sunday the 3rd of July, the Legionaries welcomed every parishioner who came for the feast mass at 8.30am with roses that were specially prepared by them. The solemn entrance procession led by the cross bearer, altar servers, lectors, eucharistic ministers and celebrants made their way to the altar amidst a packed church and the choir singing ‘Come on and celebrate……’. The Eucharistic celebration focussed on the theme: ‘Jesus dispels all our doubts’.

In his homily, Fr. Blaise D’mello the main celebrant described St.Thomas as the person who had a personal encounter with the risen Jesus. His faith enabled him to acclaim Jesus as “My Lord, and my God”. After receiving the Holy Spirit he travelled to India, bore witness to Jesus as he went about fearlessly, spreading Christianity in Southern India until he was martyred. Fr. Blaise encouraged to be an effective Christian witnessing Christ in all our deeds and actions.

After mass all the parishioners made their way to the school quadrangle to participate in the Fete. 16 communities put up stalls with a variety of snacks and pastries. The Feast Hamper and Guess the weight of the Cake, were added attractions at the Fete. The Fete committee had prepared a special programme: Harry with his Children’s choir group set the crowd in the festive mood with their melodious singing, games for little children added to a little fun and entertainment. Our Parish Fathers mingled with the crowd exchanging festive wishes to one and all. The proceedings at the Fete came to a close at 11.30am. All returned home happily to share the festive joys with their families.

- Ms Lilia Fernandes