Parish Youth Day 2011

Parish Youth Day 2011

The Parish Youth Day was held on 27th October, 2011 in the school basement from 5 p.m. onwards. It was organised by the Parish Youth Group along with the Neighbourhood Youth Groups.

The comperes for the programme were Estaban Gonsalves & Carmel Rasquinha. There were around 30 youth, other than the 17 youth group members. Fr. Denzil Correia, the spiritual director of the Youth Group and Ms. Cassina Netto, the lay youth animator were present throughout the programme. Frs. Henry & Joe were also present for a short while.

The Youth Day or “Youthmania” as it was called began with a welcome to all given by Carmel Rasquinha followed by a short prayer by Fr. Denzil.

This was followed by an innovative way of forming groups based on completing nursery rhymes. Once the groups were formed, the group members interacted among themselves. Then one member from each group was called and asked to tell the names of all the members in his/her group and also their unit names. The team whose representative answered the question perfectly was given points. After this, there was the mascot game, wherein each group was given articles such as newspapers, colorful buntings, and glitter roll. They had to make use of these articles and also things around to dress up one person as their mascot. Each team then came up to the stage and presented their mascot along with their slogan. The creativity of the youth could be seen through their mascots and also their slogans like: “Singh is King”, “twinkle, Twinkle Shiny Star”, “thadakti, fadakti Diwali”. The groups were judged on the basis of their creativity and innovation by Ms. Cassina Netto.

After this, there was a group game called “Crocodile race” wherein the youth enjoyed a lot. The youth were bubbling with energy and trying their best to win. After the game, they were exhausted so there was a quiz based on taglines of various companies. This was followed by a game “Balloon Relay” wherein pairs had to be formed within the group & each pair had to keep a balloon between their cheeks and move. The youth enjoyed this game too. The last game for the evening was the “Shoe Game”. Here, each one had to keep their right footwear at the centre. Then each person had to get the footwear of the person standing behind them from the heap of footwear. It was really very funny to see the youth bending and identifying the footwear of their team mates.

After this game, there was a break for snacks at 6.30 p.m. during the break; the Youth Group along with the other youth present sang the Birthday song for Quinton Pereira who was celebrating his birthday. Fr. Walter, assistant youth director of the Archdiocese of Bombay conducted a session on a very important topic for youth today, “Inter Faith Marriages”.

Fr Walter made the youth understand the teachings of the Church on inter faith marriages in a simplified & lively manner. He also answered many questions put forth by the youth. After the session, Allwyn D’Silva thanked Fr.Walter for coming & enlightening the youth.

After this, Celeste Chettiar, Priya Pinto, El-daire Gonsalves & Jaeson Nazareth from the Parish Youth Group shared their experience in the youth group with others. Also Karen Gonsalves form The Neighbourhood Youth Group of Peru Baug shared her experience. Tony Mathews, vice President of the Youth Group informed the youth gathered about the future plans of the Group. After this, Fr. Denzil urged the youth present to join either the Parish Youth Group or their unit NYGs. Every one took an oath to give their service to the Church through the Youth Group. Prizes were given to all 4 groups. The vote of thanks given by Tony was followed by a jam session and the youth danced to their heart’s content. The programme ended at 9 p.m.

Thus, the Parish Youth Day was indeed a fun event for the youth & it had all the three mottos of the youth group: Fellowship, Formation & Service.

- Fr. Denzil Correia