Parents Day 2011

Parents Day 2011

The feast of Sts.Joachim and Anne is celebrated as Parent’s Day.

Parent’s Day in our parish was celebrated on 31st July 2011. The theme being ‘PARENTS GOD’S MESSENGERS ON EARTH’.

The celebrations began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by our parish fayhers, Fr.Henry being the main celebrant.

The introduction highlighted that parents are messengers of Love, Peace, Joy, Trust, Hope, Faith and Light to their children.

In his homily Fr.Henry spelt out the role of parents as messengers by

1. Drawing their children to God through prayer
2. Disciplining their children
3. Helping them imbibe the values of God’s Kingdom

He further added that parents and children have a special role to play in a family

• The father has to spend quality time with the children
• Mother has to help children to pray and give it importance
• Children in turn should love and respect their parents

After the Eucharistic celebration everyone moved to the auditorium. The chief guest Derick and Savita Fernandes were welcomed and they along with the parish fathers lit the samai marking the beginning of the programme.

The students of Std.V/VI performed the prayer dance.

Keziah Fereira welcomed the parents. The chief guest was then introduced and felicitated.

The little children of Std.I/II sang a welcome song.

The third Std children performed a mix of folk and western dance.

The St.VII & VIII students performed a celebration folk dance of Chattisgarh symbolizing love and joy. The choir presented two songs a tribute to parents.
Students of Std.IX/X PRESENTED A SKIT: ‘To Jesus through the Family’.

The last item was a dance presentation by the confirmation students, the entire programe was compered by Richard and Davina.

Fr.Joe in his vote of thanks, thanke the seminary staff for their services, the parents for sending their children regularly for practices and the Sunday School teachers for their guidance. Fr.Henry expressed his joy at the event.

The canteen organized by the youth kept everyone refreshed to the end. The members of the Parish Family Cell helped in coordinating the discipline.

The programme came to a close with the singing of the National anthem.

- Ms Lilia Fernandes