First Holy Communion

In Holy Communion, we are united with Jesus Christ in a very special way as we receive him in the body and blood of our Saviour. Christ abides in us. Pope Francis has described ‘Communion’ as the ‘Sacrament of Love’ and as we know, receiving of the Holy Eucharist at First Communion is the most important sacrament, and a very special day in the life of a catholic child, their families and the Church. As covid shut the church doors, catechism came into our houses through the DCC online, the programs were coordinated and monitored closely by our own teacher Godeleva Deniz who made sure all the prayers and the homework were done/ books updated. We are thankful to the parents who had pitched in to help their children read and understand the Word of God.

The communicants had a few sessions (the intensive week in church) with the Spiritual Director, Fr. Oscar Mendonca along with our Catechist Mrs Godeleva Deniz.

The Sunday School batch of 2020-2021 at St. Thomas Church, Goregaon East experienced great joy and excitement as they received their First Holy Communion on 14th November 2021.

This batch of nine communicants, for the first time, due to the pandemic, underwent arduous training and preparation via virtual classes for over a year with the help of their teacher – Mrs. Godeleva under the guidance of Fr. Oscar and Fr. Nelson who prepared
the communicants in their journey to the celebration of the Eucharist.

The 11:00 am mass was private, for the children and a small gathering of their families in keeping with covid protocols.
Nine angels resplendent in white, their sins washed clean through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, joyfully waited in the company of their parents, to receive their First Holy communion.

The communicants participated in the Eucharistic celebration and received Jesus with both species Body & Blood of Christ.
Our parish choir members, Miss. Carmel, Steffie and Samantha added melody in the liturgical celebration.

Through interactive homily, Fr. Oscar Mendonca brought home to the children that we are all created by God so we need to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him. He urged them to know God by reading the bible, to love God by loving others and spending time in prayer as well as to serve God by taking part in church activities.
The communicants performed a simple but endearing action song….
“God’s Love is so wonderful”

To celebrate this Memorable Day children cut a cake and received special gifts from our Parish priest, Fr. Nelson Saldanha, who made a trip to Bandra to get the scapulars, rosaries and mementos.

We are grateful to our Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Saldanha, Our Sunday School Spiritual Director Fr Oscar and our Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Godeleva Deniz for overcoming the hurdles caused by covid protocols to make this day possible, a memory to cherish.

Feedback/ personal experiences of few of our Communicants

Rikita D’Silva
When I received Jesus for the first time, it was a mixed feeling of emotions. I have become more responsible towards my religion and actions. I have started praying regularly to Jesus .

Claire Correa
14th November 2021, is undoubtedly the most important day of my life as I received Jesus in holy communion. Thank you lord for making me worthy of receiving you. With this sacrament, I promise to love and serve Jesus Christ, know him and feel his
presence in the Eucharist, promise to listen carefully to the word of God at Sunday Mass and pray to Jesus every day.

Jovita Pereira
I was very excited and happy to receive Jesus for the first time. I thank Fr.Oscar, and Sunday school teachers for helping me prepare for this holy sacrament. I loved the various activities which help me to understand and to know Jesus and how we can be good children to him. I have promised myself that I will always love him truly.
And during reconciliation I was first afraid of confessing but Fr explained it so nicely that now I am not afraid of it anymore..
I will not sin because we are the children of God and friends of Jesus. Finally I thank my parents and family for making this day a memorable one.

Shawn D’Souza
On children’s day on 14th November 2021, something very special happened to me. I received Jesus for the First time, along with eight of my friends, at mass in St Thomas church.
I had awaited this day ever since catechism classes began when I was in grade four. My parents, Godparents and family were with me at mass.
I really wanted to taste the wine which came with the bread, but when Fr. Oscar gave me these at the trial run, I was really dissatisfied. This was just bread and wine, not the body and blood of Jesus.
At the special mass I really felt the presence of Jesus when I received the body and blood of Christ and I resolved to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.