Feast of the Nativity 2011

Feast of the Nativity 2011


The Feast of The Nativity of Our Lady was preceded with the 9 days Novena in our parish. The central theme for the Novenas Feast was “Mary- Model of Attentiveness, Offering and Prayers.”
The catechists and the Sunday school students conducted the liturgy for the Novena masses based on varying themes. The themes were : ‘Glorifying God’, ‘Submitting to God’, ‘Reflecting on God’s Word’, ‘Responding to God’s Word’, ‘Interceding for the Church’, ‘Offering of self to God’, ‘Emptying of self’, ‘In total Communion with God & neighbour’ & ‘Going out in service’. Each day’s theme was well brought out during introduction either by dance or banners or skit by the Sunday school students. The liturgy for all the masses was very lively and vibrant thanks to the beautiful singing by the Children’s Choir, led by Mr. Harry D’Souza. Also, for the first time in our Parish, the Responsorial Psalm on all the 9 days and also the Feast Mass was sung by the members of the Children’s Choir.

All the nine days of the Novenas Parish Fathers Preached very meaningful, Inspiring and thought provoking Homilies based on the daily themes. The homilies were interesting and easily understood even by the children. Each day the entire community went home with a beautiful message given by the Priest of our Parish.

Each day a specific item was to be brought as offertory like pulses, sugar, etc. which would be given to the poor from the Parish. The generosity of the parishioners could be seen through the huge amount of offerings brought everyday. What better way to follow in Jesus’ footsteps than to reach out to others in need!

Each day, different units were appointed to distribute the sweets and channas after the Novena Masses.

8th of September, the Feast of the nativity of Our Lady, is also celebrated as Girl Child Day. At the Feast Mass, the catechists put forth an introspective message to the community through the introduction. The main celebrant for the feast Mass was Fr.Onil Rodrigues. Through his homily, he gave an insight into the Immaculate Conception & Nativity of Mary as per traditional beliefs. He told that Mary, who was spotless, is a model to all mankind. He showed us the importance of the Rosary in our lives and told that each one of us should spare time to say the Rosary meaningfully. He also gave the message of protecting and loving the girl child.

223 families from the Parish had promised to say the Rosary daily through the 9 days. The Legion of Mary presented the bouquet of Rosaries, offered by these families, to Our Lady as a gift to her.

Fr. Henry D’souza, Proposed a Special Vote of Thanks to the Sunday School Children and the Teachers for their active participation in making the entire Liturgy very Meaningful. He also Appreciated and thanked Fr. Joe D’mello, Sunday School Director, for co-ordinating the entire Feast Programme.

After the Feast Mass, snacks were distributed to each and everyone present for the Mass.
The 9 days Novena and the Feast was indeed a spiritually enriching experience for one and all.
Thus, the Feast of The Nativity of Our Lady was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and devotion in Our Parish.

- Jacintha Rego