Family Day


Family Day was celebrated on December 27, 2015.


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Family Day was celebrated on December 26, 2011.

Family Day 2011

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December 26, 2010 – Feast of the Holy Family was an appropriate day to celebrate Family Day in our parish.

As the parishioners with their family and friends, entered the venue of the get together, the organizers extended hands of welcome and friendship to adults and children alike. This initial greeting was made even more colourful by enthusiastic volunteers who tied attractive bands of ribbons on the wrists of every participant. The number of colours could have easily exceeded the number 15!

At 7.15 pm, sharp, Fr. Barthol Barretto our Parish Priest, on behalf of the Parish Team, extended a warm welcome to the gathering who numbered close to 500 people. St. Thomas School Grounds was decked up beautifully for the occasion with a cover of red carpets; while white chairs were arranged in rows, against the walls.

A short prayer service, led by parishioners was conducted to thank God for all his graces and to invoke His blessings on our families and on the event of the evening.

Allwyn and Astrid D’Costa compères for the evening, created a fitting atmosphere by getting everyone to participate. The first item on the programme was a festive march. Children, youth, middle aged, and the elderly, followed instructions and joined in. Any onlooker may have witnessed a show of unity, brotherhood and togetherness. As a grand finale, D.J. Ryan Albuquerque struck up the band to make one and all, shake legs and hands for the Birdie dance.

The next item on the programme was grouping. The different colour bands of ribbons tied earlier, guided the people to come together and form groups. Circles were formed and all awaited the next item of the evening which was a Quiz on Christmas and on the Care for Creation. Snacks were served while the participants tried to solve the quiz.

The talented parish youth entertained the guests to lively and interesting games. No one was left out… children, middle aged and senior citizens, all had their share of fun.

The entry of Santa in the midst of the games sent the entire crowd shouting for joy. Group prizes were distributed to five lucky winners for entry coupons and four winners of the website quiz.

The most awaited moment of the evening was the Novelty Dance. The lights on the grounds were switched off, while couples wore masks and held small lighted torches, which looked like stars, while dancers swayed to the music. Two lucky couples were awarded prizes.

After this, more crowds were drawn to the floor, accompanied by lively jive music, followed by the traditional masala.

The most significant moment of this Family Day celebration, was the PLEDGE taken by everybody. People stood silently in rows with their right arms outstretched while Sr. Antoinette Araujo, DHM, led it. Each person repeated it, line by line, after her. This was a truly a devout moment. It helped people to reflect on the life of the Holy Family of Nazareth, the model par excellence, for families the world over.

Mr. Albert Pereira, vice-president of the Parish Pastoral Council, thanked all those responsible for making the celebration truly successful by the entertainment, which fostered team work and unity.

Allwyn and Astrid led us into the grace before meals and all proceeded to have a well deserved dinner. The total involvement of Fr. Barthol in every part of the programme made a great difference to the evening.

Here are the views/opinions of some of those present for the evening:

Sr. Delcy: “Very well organised, very good.”

Sr. Antoinette- Provincial, DHM: “The programme has been very entertaining. It has brought the parish together as one big family of St. Thomas. It was well organised with a variety of activities for all ages, young and not so young. Keep it up!!!”

Harry D’Souza: “A long awaited evening for the families. This was a great success. It not only made the youth and children jump and scream for joy but the elderly too, had a ball of a time. The youth organized some unique games catering to all the age groups. The music was so scintillating that one saw many old couples jiving. The food was very delicious and most appropriate for this festive evening.”

Nancy Menezes: “The programme was conducted very well and many people participated in the games and dancing. The couple who compèred the event was excellent. It went out of the way to make everyone take part in all the activities.”

Anagha D’Souza: “East or West, ‘Fr. Barthol’ is the Best. The Family Day was very interactive and entertaining. There was 100% participation from parishioners. I think we should have more of such get-togethers.”

Neil D’Souza: “Lively, enthusiastic crowd. The march was excellent with 100% participation from our lovely parishioners. Please increase the frequency of such get-togethers. Nice to see our parishioners mingle with each other for the activities and the games. It only reinforces the fact that St. Thomas Parish is one BIG FAMILY.”

Shakuntala: “It’s fun, everyone is involved and enjoying. This is really in the true Christmas spirit”

Sr. Isabelle and Novices of Premankur: “Make this a yearly event”.


- Ms Lilia Fernandes and Ms Jacintha Rego


Family Day 2010

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