Sunday School

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Oscar Mendonca

Contact Person :Mrs. Godeleva Denis

As part of the preparation for the season of Advent the students of the Sunday school from standards 7th to the 10th had the crib making competition on 04th Dec’2011. The activity was held during the 45 minutes of Sunday school in which they had to prepare the crib keeping in mind that they had to make the best out of waste and being eco friendly and also in this manner to bring forth the message of Christmas that was relevant to them. The children participated in it whole heartedly and worked as a team thus being able to complete the making of the crib in the short time that was allotted to them. The message that they wrote was awesome. They read as follows

  • Know Christ, Know peace. No Christ, No peace.
  • Christmas means to us peace, happiness and joy.
  • Christmas means the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ for whom the Catholics waited for a long time. Kudos to the children of our Sunday school.
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