Society of St. Vincent de Paul

 Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Mario Mendes

Contact Person: Donald D’souza, Felix Marchon, Lucy Pinto, Lourdes Pereira, Delyse D’Mello

Summary of Work: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, St. Thomas, Goregaon (E) parish, has eighteen families (forty-eight individuals) adopted for monthly assistance of rations and medicines. Besides, education aid (in the form of fees, books & other stationery) is given to school/college students as and when required. House repairs, funeral expenses, helping with admission in schools, hospitals, etc. is also undertaken, when the need arises. The members go in pairs to visit the adopted families in their homes. The SSVP also organises a Lunch for the Underprivileged families on the occasion of the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, which is on the 27th September. Hampers are distributed just before Christmas to all the adopted families. Coupons for the parish Family Day are given to needy families. A picnic is organised once in two years for the adopted families. The Conference members also visit the SVP-run AIDs Hospital in Trombay and the Aged Home in Kalyan, once a year. A visit to an Orphanage, Aged Home or Clergy Home is also made once a year. All of these activities enrich the lives of the members and makes the work of the SSVP very fulfilling.

Meeting Date: Weekly meeting at 7:30p.m. on Friday

SSVP Report for 2019 – 2020

During the year 2019-2020, the SVP has had, as adopted families, 18 marginalised families (46 people) who have been provided rations ; medical aid has also been given as and when required. Students of adopted families were assisted with school/college fees, books, uniforms etc. In keeping with the statutes of the SVP, both Christian and non-Christian families were helped, without discrimination. In 2019-2020 there were 3 non-Christians helped. In fact, the SVP also received a couple of donations from non-Christian families. The members visited the families each month to give them their aid.

Due to the torrential rain in July 2019, six of our adopted families were helped to repair their homes which were badly damaged. Besides help to adopted families, the SVP extended help to those families who needed aid in a crisis (4 families), after a thorough investigation ; no one who was deserving and needy was turned away.

Rations received during the Nativity novena were distributed to 33 families. On the occasion of the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, our Patron, a get-together was organised for around 75 underprivileged people of the parish, followed by lunch. Each family was given a token gift. At Christmas time, hampers and a small cash gift were given to each family.

A member of one of our families has been taken for professional help for a mental health issue and the treatment is ongoing. SVP members visited the SVP-run EFA Leprosy Home and Aids Hospice (Niramay Niketan) at Trombay in March 2020.

The aim of the SVP is to help families get back on their feet. During the year, aid to 3 families was discontinued as they had become self-sufficient. To maintain transparency and accountability, monthly reports have been submitted to the Spiritual Advisor and Area Council.

Our mission of charity is made possible due to the support and generosity of our donors and benefactors to whom we are very thankful.

Our sincere gratitude to our Parish Priest, Fr. Constancio and our Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Mario Mendes, for their continued support and advice.

Currently, there are 11 active members and 3 auxiliary members in the Conference.

Contact :
Bro. Donald D’Souza…………………..9619777213
Sr. Lucy Pinto…………………………….9819977468
Sr. Lourdes Pereira…………………….9820837222
Sr. Delyse D’Mello………………………9819839559

- Delyse D’mello