Liturgical Team

Lector's Group

Lector's Group

Sp Director : Fr. Nelson R Saldanha

Meeting date: Alternate Saturday of the month, after the mass in conference room.

Members: Lilia Fernandes, Joy Lobo, Carmel Rasquinha Steffie, Celeste Dias, Harry, Vanessa Arez

There always existed a Liturgical Group in St. Thomas Church. The Archdiocesan Liturgical Committee (ALC) held its Diploma Course in Liturgy in the academic year 2001-2002. This course was attended by Ms. Loretta Netto, Ms. Lorna D’Mello and Mr. Harry D’Souza.

A formal Liturgical Group was then formed with Ms. Loretta Netto as the Head of the Liturgy Group with the Lectors’ Group and the Lay Eucharistic Ministers under its umbrella.

In the academic year 2003-2004, the ALC held its Diploma Course at Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar which was attended by Ms. Celeste Dias, Ms. Violet Menezes and the late Ms. Ruth Rose.

Since then the Liturgy Group has been functioning all well. We have the liturgies prepared for all the Sundays and special Liturgies for the Feasts, Solemnities and the Great Seasons of the Year which includes Lent and Advent.

A regular weekly programme is put up in the Sacristy for the Lectors and Lay Eucharistic Ministers. We also have the SCC units appointed for the Parish Mass on Sundays.

At present, we have the Liturgy Group with Ms. Loretta Netto as its Head and Mr. Shaun Mendes as its Assistant Head. The Lectors’ Group now consists of about 30 members.

The Liturgy Group is functioning all well and we hope to continue the same always.