Couples for Christ

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Constancio Noronha

Contact Person: Mr and Mrs Francis Machado

About Couples for Christ: The Couples for Christ (CFC), is a family ministry that enriches the bond of marriage and makes a difference in the life of not only the couples but also of children, youth and young adults. Called a womb-to-tomb ministry, the CFC is a movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life.
We live in times of stress with both partners working to make ends meet. Communication between spouses and between parents & children does not exist. Peer pressures and influence of this material world are constantly attacking the family life.

As a Christian Family Movement, the CFC originated in Manila, Philippines in 1981. Since then it has spread to around 160 countries including India, where it operates in 29 states and union territories. In Mumbai, the CFC is present in 26 parishes of Mumbai and Vasai diocese. The Goregaon Unit of CFC was started in 2007.

The CFC has a mission to bring the Lord’s strength and light to those who are struggling to be truly Christian families in the modern world. Its vision is ‘to be heralds of God’s kingdom, annointed by the Holy Spirit and sent forth by Christ, to make disciples of all people by sharing the good news of life, love and family’, so that God can use His people evangelizers and missionaries in order that He might renew the world.

The CFC believes in marriage as an indissoluble institution and that God created marriage primarily for love between man and woman, and for the procreation and proper rearing of children. It believes in the inalienable and irreplaceable right and responsibility of parents to educate their children; also educated in essential human and Christian values for them to become responsible and mature members of society. It believes that Christian family renewal can best be achieved by inviting Jesus to be the Lord of homes, by allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to lead family lives, and through the full use of all spiritual gifts given to His people.

Once a Parish invites the CFC to provide its services to its parishioners, the CFC invites couples within the parish to a (CLP) Christian Life Program consisting of 9 sessions. It is divided into 3 modules of 3 sessions each, the 3 modules being


Each session consist of a talk, group discussion, and some time for fellowship and aims at a renewed understanding of God’s call to us as Christian couples. This takes place once every Sunday. After the completion of this program, the couples are given a choice of being a part of the CFC. When they do, they are made part of a small cell group called a household. The household is composed of from 5 to 7 couples who meet weekly for mutual support and encouragement in the Christian life, under the direction of a household leader.

Summary of Work: To cater to other needs of the family members, CFC also includes other offshoots like the (SFC) Singles for Christ for working youth, (YFC)Youth for Christ for school and college going youth from the age of 14 onwards and also (KFC) Kids for Christ for children within the age of 5 to 14. CFC also includes (HOLD) Handmaids of the Lord for women who are widows, separated or whose husbands are away and (SOLD) Servants of the Lord for men who are widowers, separated or whose wives are away.

Meeting Date: Weekly under the direction of a household leader