Saturday-Sunday, March 27 – March 28, 2021


1. From today we begin the Sacred Holy Week commemorating Our Lord’s solemn entry into Jerusalem where He has to undergo His Passion Death and Resurrection.

Palms will be Blessed and handed over to the Unit leaders who will distribute them to the families in the community.

Please keep in mind the SOP norms – Wearing of Mask which should cover your nose and mouth, temperature check, hand sanitizing and only 50 people for Mass in the Church. For funerals only 20 people are permitted in the cemetery as per civil regulations.

2. On April 1st. we begin the Sacred Tridumm. Due to the present pandemic situation there will be NO Thursday Mass of Our Lords Supper. Parishioners are requested to go ONLINE for the service.

3. April 2nd. is Good Friday – day of Fasting and Abstinence. There will be Way Of The Cross Community wise as per schedule with registration. There will be NO Good Friday Service in the evening. Parishioners are requested to go ONLINE for the service.

4. On both days, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Holy Communion will be distributed in the Sacristy from 4 pm to 6.30 pm. Those who wish to receive Holy Communion are welcome to come during this time.

5. April 4th. Easter Sunday Masses will be held as per schedule with registration.

6. Pre Baptism classes for parents to be will be held on April 10th. from 4.30 to Requesting parents and godparents to be, kindly register yourselves in the parish office at the earliest.

7. We Thank You for your last Sundays collection which amounted to Rs.9,265/=.