Saturday-Sunday, July 03 – July 04, 2021


1. On behalf of all the Parish fathers wish you a Happy Feast Dear parishioners .Have a rejoicing day with your family in the name of St Thomas our Patron saint.

2. On the occasion of the Feast of St Thomas those who wish to receive Holy Communion on Sunday 4th of July are welcome at the parish chapel between (10 am to 12 noon).

3. Sunday school /Confirmation begin from the 4th of July 2021 (online).

4. Parents are requested to enrol child’s name with respected teacher To contact teacher please contact your parish counsellor/ animator

5. Confirmation / 1st Holy Communion Registration forms are available with teachers kindly contact them for the same.

6. Parents are requested to encourage your children /youngsters to attend online masses which are available on YouTube.

7. Parish Fathers thank all those who are actively involved in various ways in reaching out to the needy during this pandemic time

8. Kindly Pray for the eradication of Covid-19 and for a normal life by the grace of God