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Risen Lord invites us to revive our faith and rise to new life

At the Vigil Mass in the Holy Night of Easter in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis says Christ’s resurrection invites us to experience the immense surprise and joy of the women who witnessed the empty tomb, adding that we are called to relive the grace of our first encounter with the Lord to grow in faith and hope.

Pope Francis presided over the traditional Easter Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter in a full Saint Peter’s Basilica on Saturday evening. The celebration started inside at the entrance of the Basilica with the evocative rite of the blessing of fire followed by the candlelight procession while Lumen Christi was sung and the Basilica lights came on in all their brilliance. The celebration included the baptism and confirmation of eight catechumens from Albania, the United States, Nigeria, Italy and Venezuela.

In his homily, Pope Francis underscored how the women who set out to visit Jesus’ tomb and found it empty underwent an incredible experience that marked a passage from the immense sorrow of over Jesus’ death to experiencing utter amazement over the Lord’s resurrection. And this journey from sadness to indescribable joy is one to which we are all called.

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Date : 08th April 2023
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