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Creating us, God opened the era of love

To know Him, To Love Him and to Serve Him. The first Jesus came was for us to know Him by knowing Him we can know the Heavenly Father.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

He comes to dwell in our Hearts everyday.

He will come again…do not delay….

Do you believe in His first coming? The wise men believed, when they learned of His coming, they went in search of Him to show their love and paid their homage to Him with gifts of Gold – which signifies the kingship of Jesus, Frankincense – the priesthood of Jesus and Myrrh – the suffering of Jesus whom we call the incarnate Son of God.

Jesus came to us to reveal the Fathers love for us. He was born in a stable which is a place for food and shelter for animals. So Jesus was born in a manger as food for humanity – (the Bread of Life). Jesus revealed this when He broke His body and shed His blood on the Cross at Calvary. Jesus says His body is real food and His blood is the real drink, those who receive it will have life eternal.

His second coming is when we give our heart to him to stay.

His third coming will be when Jesus will come in His glory to claim, what is His.

To celebrate this year Christmas, we may reflect on these three aspects:

Do I know Him?

Do I love Him?

Do I serve Him?

We can know Him by reading the Word of God and spending time in prayer and meditation.

Of course to love Him he is invisible, but we can make Him visible by loving our neighbours as we love ourself and finally to serve Him we remember Jesus’ saying “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you have done it to me”. By practicing these words of wisdom we will experience God with us.

So Christmas is a story of love.

Therefore we can sing:

God’s love is so wonderful (3)

So high you can’t get over it

So deep you can’t get under it

So wide you cant get around it, oh wonderful love.

Jesus is the wonderful exchange between Humanity and Divinity. Whilst we share our time, good deeds, greetings, sweets and gifts, where God and Humanity meet on Earth, that is called Love.

The Second coming of Jesus is in our heart “Now” – so do not delay. St Augustine says “CHRISTMAS” is “Jesus is with you, but are you with Jesus”.

While we are looking forward to celebrate Christmas think of the third coming Jesus. We were not there to welcome Him the first time. Today we have an opportunity to do something for Him. We are not sure of the time, when we He is going to come according to his promise or it may not be our concern. So the only time we have at our disposal is ‘Now’. We have heard of all sorts of judgments after death, at the end of the world. Do not worry as you begin this year 2022 there is Hope, open out your heart his very day and submit yourself to the judgment of God. Jesus Emmanuel did not come to condemn…but be assured we will all receive His mercy and love.

This Christmas reminds you and me that we don’t have to wait till we die, for something that we can achieve right here and now. God does not want…to lose you and me. He has paid a very high price for me. His love for me is stronger than death. We can cry out to Him, here and now “Maranatha”! Come Lord Jesus!!!

Fr Oscar Mendonca
Date : 25th December 2021

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